AMEC-IHSMC 2014 – Beard and mustache transplantation

At the congress of the AMEC – IHSMC which took place in Paris on 24 October 2014 Dr. Pierre Bouhanna as chairman, introduced the procedures of both beard transplant and mustache transplant. LThe demand for reconstruction or densification of a beard or mustache has increased considerably.

According to some countries, the beard and the mustache have a connotation of virility, possession of knowledge, of high social level, of religiousness, etc.

Sometimes it can include correction of scars but most often the reason is the absence or the increasing scarcity of the beard.

The design of the beard to be treated will be done taking into account the opinion of the patient but also respecting the basic rules of drawing of each beard, according to ethnicity.

Dr. Pierre Bouhanna chooses either FUE extraction grafts or FUL long hair transplants. Most grafts should be 1 to 2 hairs. 500 to 1500 micrografts are implanted in one session. The needle implantation will respect the particular obliquity to each region of the beard. The thinnest hair will be placed on the upper edge of the beard. No dressing or bandage is required following the procedure.

The design of each beard varies according to each ethnic group. The hair implantation must be performed “hair by hair”. The result will be definitive and the hair will be shaved like a normal beard.