Alternative Uses


Alternative Uses

1/ How does the treatment differ when dealing with African American patients?

Most cases of alopecia in African Americans is traction alopecia (braids, chemical treatments, straighteners etc.). After stopping all aggravating hairstyles and treatments and applying Minoxidil and shea, a graft of follicular units can be made to achieve a permanent aesthetic result. Due to the curvature of the roots the FUL is more powerful than the FUE.

2/ Can hair transplants be done on transsexuals?

Indeed it is possible to “feminize” male alopecia by transplanting micro-grafts on the frontal gulfs and tonsure.

3/ Is it possible for hair transplants to take in scars?

The follicular units always take in scars caused by a burn, radiotherapy of the brain or after an accident.

4/ Is it possible to treat hair loss in eyelashes and eyebrows using hair transplantation?

All types of eyelashes and eyebrows can be corrected definitively by grafts of follicular units. read more here

5/ Is it possible to use hair follicles to reconstruct facial hair (beard or mustache)?

The very fine micrografts allow the definitive correction of an absence or a depreciation of the beard or mustache.

6/ How do you treat hair loss in the pubic region?

The implantation of follicular units allows the reconstruction of a sparse pubis, typically in a single session.