IMCAS 2014 – New hair transplant techniques

At the Congress of the IMCAS in Paris at the Palais des congrès on January 31, 2014, Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, as chairman, presented the new hair transplant techniques using follicular units.

After a digitized examination of the scalp the choice will be made between two techniques:

  • Either FUE by extracting 1 to 3 hair follicular units. After prior shaving, 2000-3000 hairs per session are well implanted leaving imperceptible scars.
  • Or the long hair FUL which does not require shaving and during which 4000-5000 hairs per session are implanted, leaving an imperceptible linear scar. This technique has the advantage of choosing the diameter, the color and especially the orientation of each hair.

The technical choice will be based on age, gender and ethnicity (Africans, Asians). The follicular unit transplant allows simple local anesthesia to treat baldness and rebuild the beard or eyebrows.

IMCAS 2014