AMWC 2014 – Medical Treatments and PRP

Dr. Pierre Bouhanna presented at the Congress of the AMWC in Monaco le 4 avril 2014,on April 4, 2014, focusing on the latest research in medical treatment of scalp and PRP.

Pierre Bouhanna stresses that before making any medical treatment whatsoever a full check up of scalp and hair analysis must be undertaken.

Such prior assessment uses the measurement of each parameter through Bouhanna’s multifactorial classification and measures hair density through digital phototrichogram. After analyzing the results of the examinations, a specific choice will be made in relation to the therapeutic arsenal at his disposal: lotion Minoxidil 2 or 5%, taking finasteride tablets for men, the taking of antiandrogen for women, such as cyproterone or spironolactone, intradermal injection of PRP – Platelet Rich plasma. Different treatments are intended to stabilize the hair loss and stimulate hair growth and in particular to increase the caliber of hair that are regrown according Bouhanna. It is essential to perform a hair assessment of each patient twice a year to check the effectiveness of treatment and monitor the absence of side effects.