AMWC 2014 – Eyebrow Transplantation

The doctor Pierre Bouhanna presented at the Congress of the AMWC in Monaco,on 4 April 2014 on the topic of cosmetic eyebrow transplant.

The transplant of eyebrourcils eyebrows in men or women is often required as a result of repeated waxing, age, different diseases or trauma, can be corrected by cosmetically and permanently through the use of grafts hair by hair..

It is crucial to perform a good preliminary drawing with the agreement of the patient for each of the two eyebrows. Two grafting techniques can be used either FUE (follicular extraction) or FUL(transplantation of longhaired follicular units prepared under microscope).

The graft is often performed under local anesthesia with FUL long hair transplants. The post-op care is simple and does not require any dressing or bandaging.

In conclusion this technique of hair transplant to the eyebrows gives satisfactory and permanent results and allows either for the complete rebuilding of one or both eyebrows or the densification of sparse or tattooed eyebrows.