AMEC 2014 – Afro-American Hair

At the congress of the AMEC-IHSMC which took place in Paris on 24 October 2014, Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, as chairman, presented the hair transplantation options specific to patients of African origin. Alopecia in African American patients is first assessed through measurements of Dr. Bouhanna’s multifactorial classification and digital phototrichogram. FUL hair transplants by cutting with a microscope of a strip are more highly recommended that FUEhair transplants due to the curvature of the roots.

According to Dr. Bouhanna the transplant of follicular units with long hair (FUL) is performed without prior shaving of the sampling area. FUL implants allow surgeons to better choose the orientation and caliber of the hair.

FUE grafts, follicular units extracted after previous shaving with microcylinders of 0.8 to 0.9 mm, are mostly recommended for patients who are used to shaving.


The African hair transplant has become very common for women who have a severe and permanent loss after hairdressing practices by braiding, brushing or straightening.