7 November 2014



23rd EADV Congress
Amsterdam , 8-12 october 2014

At the European Congress of Dermatology, which was held in Amsterdam on 12 October 2014, there was a session devoted to new hair micrograft techniques.

Dr. Pierre Bouhanna as chairman of the meeting made a comparative analysis of the different processes of 1 to 3 hair follicular unit (FU) grafts:

 – Either by stripping with preliminary shaving and preparation of the FU under a microscope (FUT)

– Either by long hair strip without prior shaving with preparation under microscope (FUL) of long hair micrografts and with quasi-unapparent scar of sampling.

– Either by manual extraction of each FU after previous shaving (FUE)

– Either by automated extraction of FUE after previous shaving (FUE-Safer)

 The advantages and disadvantages of each technique were discussed. The most judicious choice among these procedures was emphasized for each patient and each hair type. The results of the multifactorial classification make it possible to better guide each patient for the correction of baldness or for a reduction of beard or eyebrows.