Techniques used 


Latest innovation in hair implants

The long hair graft FUL developed by Dr. Bouhanna allows the removal of a large quantity of hair (up to 4000 hairs) in a session to correct the hair loss due to alopecia in aesthetic and definitive way without requiring prior shaving. These follicular units are then cut under a microscope while maintaining the length of their stem.

Hair assessment before hair transplant FUL

A scalp assessment using the Bouhanna multifactorial classification method is essential to accurately measure the number of FUL long hair grafts available immediately and in the future. The measurement of the bald areas to be treated makes it possible to evaluate the number of hairs required. The follicular unit graft FUL can be recommended even if the density of the zone of the crown is not of high or medium density.

Long hair implants FUL

The removal procedure, which is painless, is done without prior shaving. Under a microscope, the scalp strip is cut into long hair grafts FUL. It is easier to choose the direction of the hair implanted with the FUL or to select fine or thick hair, light or dark. The absence of shaving allows a resumption of social life the next day because the long hair will cover the area of graft and the grafted area.

Trichophytic closure

Through the use of the trichophytic closure and the flexibility of the human scalp, the scar line is hardly visible..

Post-Procedural Aftercare

If a dressing or bandage is necessary it will be removed the next day, after which it is possible to shampoo the hair every day. The sampling area at the back of the scalp and the small healing scabs on the implanted area of the top of the skull are hidden by long hair.

Sometimes an edema may appear on the forehead for the first three days. On the same day of the procedure, there may be some headache or tension which can be lessened using doliprane® tablets (or equivalent). Returning to work or social activity is possible within 48 hours. The sutures at the back will be removed on the 15th day. Sometimes implanted hair can be partially lost. Growth will start back from the third month after the procedure. The application of Minoxidil lotion is sometimes advised to accelerate regrowth.

FUL hair implants for persons with multiple signs of hair loss

FUL transplant allows Dr. Pierre Bouhanna to administer both a cosmetic and definitive correction of alopecia, in both men and women, even if the density of the donor area is average. The length of the implanted hair allows better orientation of the hair follicles to reconstruct the hairline of the scalp or restore hair to the eyebrows, beard or mustache.

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