Alternative Uses 

Eyebrow graft

Eyebrow grafting helps to correct or reconstruct eyebrows in aesthetic and definitive way.

The transplantation of hair transplants by follicular unit is a simple surgical technique that permanently corrects in an aesthetic way the definitive balding or loss of eyebrows. Instead of using the hair implant process by follicular unit extraction (FUE) we prefer long hair transplant (FUL) for a better selection of the curvature, caliber, shade and skew of each implanted hair.

Medical assessment before eyebrow implant

Dr. Pierre Bouhanna will conduct a medical review before the eyebrow transplant to find the cause of the eyebrow loss. The preliminary drawing of each eyebrow will be done in agreement with the patient and the number of eyebrow grafts will be calculated.

Alopecia of the eyebrow is relatively frequent; although it is most often related to age or repeated hair removal, it can, after prior dermatological assessment, reveal an underlying disease. The eyebrow has a length of 4.5 to 5.5 cm and a height of 0.5 to 1 cm. It has an arched shape (female eyebrow) or straight (male eyebrow). It is divided into three portions: the head, the central body and the lateral tail. The drawing will be done in front of a mirror with the patient.

Important fact: eyebrow grafting on tattooed eyebrows will give them a much more aesthetic and natural appearance.

Technical description

There are two types of eyebrow grafts: hair transplant FUE by hair extraction of after shaving, or, better yet, the grafting of long hair FUL by cutting hair by hair under a microscope. The FUL technique will be preferred because it allows, with precision, to choose the direction of each graft.

Long hair follicular unit grafts (FUL)

The technique of long hair implants (FUL) is performed without prior shaving, under local anesthesia, a strip of scalp is taken from the back of the head. The donor area is sutured. The strip is cut under a microscope to obtain grafts by long hair follicular units.

Grafts by follicular extractions (FUE)

The process of hair graft extraction by follicular extraction (FUE) is possible for the grafting of the eyebrows. However, prior shaving of the scalp has the disadvantage of suppressing the natural curvature of the graft hair, which is essential for the proper positioning of each hair implant.

Post-operative care for both techniques

Intervention is essentially pain-free, using local anesthesia and anesthetic cream. The preliminary drawing of each eyebrow is made with the patient.

Whatever the method of transplant, the implantation of each follicular unit FUL or FUE will be done with the needle in a very determined orientation. Tiny perforations are made using a needle. Once all the follicles are implanted, a control of the orientations and direction of each hair implant is carried out. No dressing is required. The implanted hair will mostly fall during the first post-operative month. The regrowth begins at the beginning of the third month. The full regrowth of the eyebrows can be seen at the end of the sixth month.


There are several ways to correct permanent eyebrow loss. The simple and widely used method is dermopigmentation (tatoo). The eyebrow transplant is currently the treatment of choice to correct permanently and harmoniously a bald eyebrow or one that has already been tattooed.