Hair Pathology

Hair Pathology

Publishing House Masson Paris, 1999, 350 pages, 150 color illustrations.

ISBN 2-225-83221-8.

Hair Pathology

This book provides a comprehensive study of hair and the conditions affecting the scalp.

The first two parts of the book outline the essential biological and anatomical foundations, as well as the methods of exploring the hair through the various trichograms.

Substantial development is then devoted to the various forms of alopecia: congenital, androgenetic male and female, medicinal, traumatic, peladic and cicatricle.

Parasitic or viral infections, dermatoses of various origins (endocrine, psychological, etc.) and tumors are also treated. Therapeutic treatments are presented in the fourth part: micronutrient supplementation, scalp repair surgery, male and female baldness surgery. The role of the psyche on pathologies of the hair is also highlighted. The last part deals with hair cosmetology in a theoretical and practical way: hair prostheses, dermopigmentation of the scalp, hair styling and dressing.

This comprehensively illustrated and didactic book is intended for dermatologists and surgeons. The authors were surrounded by about fifteen collaborators, all authoritative in their field, giving this work an original and complete character.

Pierre Bouhanna is a dermatologist, a scalp surgeon, a scalp specialist at the Sabouraud Center of the Hospital Saint-Louis, the coordinator of the University Diploma of Surgery of the Scalp, an expert at the Ministry of Health. Pascal Reygagne is a dermatologist and a scalp specialist at the Center Sabouraud of the Hospital Saint-Louis.