In the confines of many medical and surgical specialties, the pathology of the hair and the scalp has become a specialty in its own right. The purpose of this book is to provide a practical answer to most of the diagnostic and therapeutic problems that all physicians may face in everyday practice.
With the participation of recognized experts in this field, this book first reviews recent knowledge on hair biology, methods of exploring the hair and scalp and proposes a classification of the alopecia types encountered.

Secondly, it gives an account of the behavior facing each different type of alopecia: physiopathology in recall, diagnostic approach, prognosis and treatment. Diffuse, traumatic, male androgenetic, androgenetic, cicatricle alopecia, alopecia plates, congenital anomalies and particularities of Afro-American hair are discussed.

Finally, this book explains the cosmetic and surgical responses that can now be offered to patients.

Pierre BOUHANNA is a dermatologist, a scalp surgeon, a specialist at the Sabouraud Center, Hospital Saint-Louis (Paris), an expert at the French Ministry of Health, and the coordinator of the university degree in surgical pathology of the scalp.